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Matt lives with his careless roommates Amy and Kev in a share house in the inner-west suburbs of Sydney. When a sinister mould infestation takes root in their abode, Matt is quick to suspect that it may have more harmful effects. Taking initiative despite still remaining weary of the mould, Matt attempts to clean it off, however he soon realises that this endeavour may be harder than he thought.

Matt tests alternate cleaning methods and starts to notice that both Kev and Amy have become ‘infected’ when they start acing out of character. As Matt becomes certain that the mould has not only caused his roommates’ mind-controlled hypnosis, but may also be putting their lives at risk, he soon becomes even more determined to eradicate it before it’s too late.



The Mould on the Wall  takes much inspiration from my experience living as a tenant in Sydney during recent extreme weather events, such as La Niña. I have experienced a number of summers of torrential rain, and this has constantly produced growths of black mould where I reside, in addition to the ominous potential of it provoking serious respiratory illness.

I wanted to recreate this experience as I have found it to be a very common one amongst friends, families and colleagues who rent, and further combine this experience with the dynamic interactions of living with roommates. It seemed only natural to fuse this experience with the thriller or horror genre, as at times, I'm sure many of us have felt that the fungi we see within the world has a scarily supernatural element to it. Upon discovery of the Ophiocordyceps Unilateralis fungi, I took inspiration in how it mind-controls (and eventually kills) bullants in some forests around the world. Imagining what it might be like if black mould in the home worked like 'Cordyceps' did, was an exciting concept to explore when conceptualising the project.


Much of the cinematic inspiration of the film stems from the work of many 'post-horror' practitioners, including Ari Aster, Robert Eggers, Jordan Peele, Jennifer Kent, and Julia Ducournau. I absolutley love how these filmmakers prioritise the psychological to generate horror, as well as leave the viewer with a satisfying yet open ending, and I just had to attempt to implement these features into the final film. I also wanted to fuse this modern take on the horror genre with elements of the comedy, with the film attempting to take into account the absurd and the exaggerated, in order to provide a sense of comic relief amongst this common household problem.

A huge thank you to the cast & crew of the film, I could not have made this (and had so much fun making it) without each of your talents, motivation, and energy.


- Joseph 








Joseph Michael /


Instagram - @josephmichael__ @themouldonthewallfilm


The Mould on the Wall was filmed in Sydney, Australia in the suburb of Annandale. Pre-production began in two months ahead of production, which took place over a four day period, from the 24th-27th of August. Post-production was spread over a two month period, utilising the digital edit and colour grading suites at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). 

The final runtime is 15 minutes and 40 seconds.

This film was shot on the ARRI Alexa Mini LF with Zeiss CP.3 Lenses.

The Mould on the Wall was produced in partial fulfilment to the Bachelor of Communication (Honours) at UTS. 

UTS Project Supervisor - Matthew Dabner


Written and Directed by 

Joseph Michael


Produced by

Joseph Michael

Scarlett Potter



Saxon Cook

Taliesin Don

Ziggy Tow

Nelson Pittar

Charlotte Knoke

Freya Jarrett


Director of Photography

Nathan Rathsam


Costume & Production Design by

Tamasin Stanton


Edited by

Joseph Michael


Music by
Ramón Briant


First Assistant Director Scarlett Potter

Second Assistant Director Chrissy Voltis, Vanessa Colleen

First Assistant Camera Alexandra Anoneuvo

Second Assistant Camera Oscar Browne

Gaffer Sinclair Suhood

Location Sound Recordist Steven Khoury

Sound Editor & Mixer Danny Fong

Script Supervisor Rachael Porthouse

Production Assistant Danny Fong

Makeup and Hair Caitlin Michael

Art Department Assistant Vanessa Le

VFX and SFX by Tamasin Stanton

Colourist Nathan Rathsam


Set Photography by Kai Brand

Catering by Ocean To Stable


Special Thanks To

Sasha Jessop

Anthony & Karina Michael

Rachael Porthouse

Tara Finn

Nick Di Quattro

Nick Henderson

Marcus Eckermann

Cato Klafas

The FASS MediaLab Team


‘Documentary Narrator’ created with generative AI through 'FineShare Online Voice Changer'


Filmed in Annandale, NSW

© Lounge Room Productions 2023


The filmmakers would like to acknowledge the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation, the traditional owners of the land on which this production was filmed. We acknowledge elders past, present and emerging and recognise that sovereignty has never been ceded.

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